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Energy saving and non energy saving LCD TV, which is better?

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In fact, there is no so-called energy-saving and non-energy-saving LCD TV types, but CCFL light sources (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) and LED backlight TVs. You don't need to be ignorant, just know that one is an ordinary fluorescent tube and the other is a luminous lamp. For diodes, one is the first generation product and the other is the second generation liquid crystal.

Due to the addition of LED backlight, the brightness and contrast of the picture have been improved to a certain extent. Now it is fashionable to buy TVs with LED light sources, and also save energy. But to say that CCFL TVs are going to be phased out is completely sensational. It is just an excuse for businesses to sell LED TVs. Because LEDs are highly profitable and affordable, you can buy CCFL TVs. The price is much cheaper, and LEDs save power, but CCFLs are cheaper How much electricity can money buy. The theoretical lifespan of LEDs is also 10,000 to 20,000 hours longer, but even if you use the first generation of liquid crystals, it will be many years later.

So what LCD to buy can be completely based on your needs and financial considerations, and you don't need to be the most fashionable.
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