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Guangdong MACC Industrial Co.,Ltd.(the Company), established in April, 2012, is a group enterprise headquartered, integrating R&D, intelligent manufacturing, sales and service into one body. The Company mainly has MACC Electronics (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd., Huizhou MACC Electronics Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen ECOSOLAR Technology Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen MACC RV TECH Co.,Ltd. and Zhongshan MACC Technology Co.,Ltd. under it.


Based in China, the Company provides products and services for the global market, and its main products cover smart business display products (software development and platform release included) , high-definition smart TV products, special TV (car electronics and car TV) products, new energy (solar TV and system and supporting) products, etc.


The Company has robust comprehensive strength, and has set up professional R & D, intelligent manufacturing and sales teams. Branches and representative offices have been set up in Hong Kong, China and Los Angeles among others. The company has been keeping pace with the times and is growing up day by day. Up to now, it has built a staff team of more than 1000 persons at home and abroad.


To meet the stable development of the Company, an "intelligent terminal display" base has been established in Zhongshan, covering an construction area of 200,000 square meters, and an intelligent manufacturing base will be completed by the end of 2024, with an annual production capacity of about 8 million sets.


As a socially responsible enterprise, the Company are dedicated to make responsible products, always carrying out the core values of “customer first, happy work, pragmatic innovation, win-win result and common responsibility". No matter how severe the world situation is and how fierce the competition is.


ECOSOLAR, as a subsidiary of the Company established in 2019, is specialized in solar energy appliances. It has developed a full product portfolio including solar TV, AC+DC TVs, radio, speakers, soundbar, refrigerator, freezer and other products, and provides various electronic solutions for customers in off-grid areas.


ECOSOLAR has always been adhering to the market-oriented principle and focusing on technology innovation and energy conservation, and is dedicated to providing customers with effective, efficient and affordable electric appliances.


In this atmosphere of mission-driven culture, ECOSOLAR has established a high-performance team to achieve this mission to play a role in carrying out the goal of global sustainable development.

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